My Folks Prefer The Clone EP

by Grasslands



Grasslands returns with a new EP in 2014. Picking up where 'Time To Think' left off, Andrew will find a new friend, while going in search of the giant ball that haunts his dreams. He will awaken something that will change his life forever.

The title track is available now for free download, with the remaining tracks added throughout 2013 and 2014.


released 20 April 2014
All songs written, recorded and produced by Thomas Haynes.



all rights reserved


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Track Name: The Ball Starts To Move
Something moves in the dead of night
Something gigantic and towering high
A silhouette of a spherical shape
A silhouette that doesn’t wait

Just calm down
It’s not real, is it?

The giant ball that I see in dreams
The giant ball that is gaining speed

Rolling down the side of the hill
Rolling faster and faster still
Destroying fences and crushing trees
Destroying everything that’s in its way

I can’t stop
I can’t give up tonight

Have to find a way to stop the ball
Have to find a way to close the door

It’s too late
Track Name: My Folks Prefer The Clone
I prayed he'd never step foot
In my house, before I woke
He's wearing all my clothes
And sitting with my folks

I watched him all night, I know

My folks prefer the clone
Their laughing at his jokes
I feel it in my bones
They love my stupid clone

I noticed all night, I know

Just leave right now
Before it goes any further
There is nothing to stop him, anymore

But I have got to warn them
Because he has got an axe
But how can I fight him?